Friday, June 16, 2017

Happy Friday!

Our last full week together was filled with a read-a-thon, a viewing of the movie, The Watson's go to Birmingham-1963, to follow up with the book we read, continued reading of our read aloud,
My Brother Sam Is Dead, and a laugh-filled kickball game between the Geese and the Dolphins

On Monday, the students will be attending the yearbook assembly in the morning. If your child purchased a yearbook, they will be passed out during their lunch break. Following the assembly, the students will attend a step-up visit with the 6th-grade teachers. Students will meet all the 6th-grade teachers and learn a little bit about 6th-grade. 

Wednesday will be our last day of school. Students will enjoy a breakfast together to celebrate their 5th-grade success. School will be out at 11:00 am for the summer.
8th-grade Buddies

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