Friday, May 19, 2017

Great American Portrait
Happy Friday!

This has been a busy week of learning, creating, reading, and writing. Students continue to plan, create and write their Great American essays while creating pieces of writing for their Great American presentation boards. Our classroom has been a collaborative workspace for classmates to work independently as well as together, helping each other with editing, opinions, writing, and drawings of Great Americans. We are very excited to share all of our hard work next Wednesday(5/24) at 6:00 pm.

We also had opportunities to read our independent books for reading pleasure as well as continue our read aloud, The Watson's Go To Birmingham-1963. Student's are enjoying learning about our main character Kenny and his troubled older brother Byron. Byron has been getting into all kinds of trouble at school and home. His parents decide to take him to Grandma for the summer in Birmingham, Alabama. What Byron does not yet understand, is that life is pretty good in Michigan compared to what is coming his way in Birmingham. Students engage daily in discussions about civil rights topics as we experience a little bit each day through Byron's eyes.

On Friday, we met our 8th-grade buddies for a presentation from "Engineers without Borders." This presentation taught us about small villages in Ghana who do not have clean safe drinking water. These engineers taught us about how they went over to think of a new solution to help these people. They taught the students about rainwater collection and recycling. The engineers explained how the only building in the villages were the schools with metal roofs.
These roofs soon became the collection devices. Please ask your child to share with you what they learned about the engineering of these new systems to help clean water for a few villages in Ghana.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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