Friday, April 28, 2017

Lauren & Lexi
Happy Friday!

We had a busy week! The week started off with the exciting news of students getting their Great Americans. We visited the library and learned how to use stickies to track character traits when we read our Great American books. To get more info on our Great Americans, we searched on recommended sites for any info we haven't found already. 

We started a new unit in Wordly Wise and are having the test this coming Tuesday. On Wednesday, we studied for Wordly Wise for most of the morning. Tell your kids to practice over the weekend! Thursday was testing for science. Uggghhh! To end our week we are reading about our Great Americans and taking "dot jots" for our essays. Have a great weekend!

From, Lexi and Lauren!  

Thursday, April 13, 2017

                        Enjoy your time off. See you Monday, April 24th

Friday, April 7, 2017

Biography search
Happy Friday!
We started our week with a google lesson with Mr. Arsenault. During this lesson, Mr. A showed us how to search more precisely and safely using google search. We focused on appropriate researching for fifth-graders, we also learned to find images and how to manipulate the images. He continued to show us how to get the URL for a picture to include in our bibliographies when we begin our Great American projects.
The Dolphins and the Geese received their Great American time periods. They range from 1574-1833. Students visited many biography books to skim for interest. Then, students chose their top five choices of whom they would like to complete their project on. They will receive one of their top choices on the Monday that we return from Spring Break.
Library search lesson

We ended our week with lessons in the library with Ms. Stuhr. She taught us about the online research tools on the library web page. These tools such as Britannica on-line and Marvel are set for middle school level reading and appropriateness. We will be using these search tools along with our biography books to complete our Great American projects.

This week also ended our read-a-loud, The False Prince. Check-in with your child to find out how the book ended. Many twists and mysteries were answered. I now have a wait list for checking out book two and three. They are hooked and want to keep reading. This was a great book to share with such a wonderful reading group of students.

Enjoy your weekend?