Friday, March 3, 2017

Questioning-Inquiry Process
Happy Friday!
     The kids had a busy week after returning from Winter break. Most of our work was centered around our Exploration unit. As Mr. Smith continued to teach the "Age of Exploration" in social studies, we began in language arts, our explorer research projects. Our first lessons focused on how to read non-fiction work to prepare for our research on explorers. Students learned to question the text, and take annotated notes. This is a new concept for many fifth-graders. We will be practicing with an article on Christopher Columbus for a few days before we begin note taking on their individual explorers. Our research and reading will be driven by our focus statement, "European Explorers changed the world." 
Collaborative workers
     Students will spend another week on note taking and research before we begin turning our notes into a final creative writing project. The students will have three options to choose from. They may choose the one option that fits their learning style and interest. There will be a creative writing option, an artistic option, and a technology option. These choices will be presented to the students at the end of next week. By the end of our explorer learning, students will have an opportunity to meet in groups to discuss their interpretations of how European Explorers changed the world and present their final projects.
A good book!
Have a wonderful weekend!
* Spirit week is the week of March 13.
Themes of the days: 

 - Spirit/Clipper Pride: wear blue & white

Tuesday- Eras:  
Grade 5 - 50s
Grade 6 - 60s
Grade 7 - 70s
Grade 8 - 80s
Staff - your high school years

Wednesday - Wacky Wednesday

Thursday - Color day
Grade 5 - orange
Grade 6 - black
Grade 7- green
Grade 8 - pink
Staff - white
Friday - Look like your favorite book, movie, television, comic or cartoon character. 

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