Friday, March 31, 2017

Pop-up Explorer map 
Happy Friday!

Students are busily working on completing their explorer projects in Language Arts. After a few weeks of research, note taking, paragraph writing, and planning, they are now building their final projects. Some students have chosen to write a picture book, some have chosen a letter written in the first person of their explorer, and
Picture book
others have chosen to build an interactive pop-up map on their computers. On Monday, they will present their projects to the class. After the presentations, classmates will go on a learning walk from table to table taking notes about the discoveries of each explorer. Look for these projects to be shared at home next week.

In Reader's Workshop, we are at the end of our read aloud, The False Prince. This has been an exciting book to read for the students as they have had to collect many clues along the way to try and figure out the twist at the end. This book is part of a trilogy. Look for many students to be running to the library wanting to find the next edition. While we enjoy our book, students continue to read their independent reading books while focusing on conflict/problem as well as point of view. This week, we discussed how the point of view that a writer writes in affects the way a reader enjoys the story.

Next week, we begin looking at our Great American project and begin introductions of time periods and people.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Optional 5th grade Conferences Scheduled Apr.4-6

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