Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy Friday!
Colonial Craft Day is next Friday, March 25. Students should be planning and putting together their colonial clothing choices. Below is a copy of the note sent home last week regarding clothing ideas.


Dear Parents,
Colonial Craft Day is March 25th and fast approaching. We’ve been discussing the many ways to put together a costume for the day. The boys costume pictured was created for $4. Any pair of dark pants will do with a pair of long sports socks pulled up and over the pant legs. If you have a pair of old pants, you could cut them off just below the knees and pull the socks up over the short pants. A large old white dress shirt with some ruffles glued to the sleeves and an old vest. Sometimes the best place to look is in Dad’s closet. The hat was off ebay for $3, though not necessary.
     Below are pictures for girls. We discussed any dress or skirt and blouse will work. Many girls wore dresses and layered a white blouse over the top with an apron around the waste. Aprons can be made out of an old pillowcase with ties sewn or glued on to tie around the waist. A kitchen apron works great too! Some girls even made their own mop hats with an old piece of fabric, glue, and elastic. Directions for a no-sew mop hat can be found online. Of course girls do not need a hat and can choose to have braided pigtails and bows. Many students from last year visited the local Goodwill stores and found some great options for skirts and blouses.
Please do not feel the need to spend any money. Students were encouraged to go through closets and see what they can put together or create. Borrow from a neighbor or maybe a friend from 6th grade. Most importantly, have fun with this!
Mrs. Rollins
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