Friday, March 10, 2017

Explorer vocab game
Happy Friday!
This week we continued our work with "theme" in Reader's Workshop. The students are very engaged in our read aloud, The False Prince while analyzing the possible theme options based on the characteristics of the many characters. This skill of identifying the theme and supporting thinking with evidence is a difficult skill that our students are successfully accomplishing with wonderful conversation back and forth. We have practiced this skill with poetry analyzing as well as writing about the themes of their independent reading books.

Writer's Workshop finds us finishing our annotated notes on our explorers and beginning to take those notes and put them into paragraph form. Students were introduced to three options for a final project that supports their research. 
1. An Interactive pop-up technology map with written information.
2. A Letter writing as the explorer sent to their homeland with a 
    drawn map of their voyages.
3. A picture book written to teach about their explorer with art
    work on each page.

We will continue to work on our research next week and by the end of the week begin work on our projects. The week ended with a fun game called "Exploration Headbandz." We studied exploration vocabulary for the last week and the students got a chance to show what they know by successfully guessing the term that they had on their heads by asking the class one word clues. Lots of laughter ensued.
Spirit Week is next week.
Monday-Clipper pride(Wear blue and white)

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