Friday, March 31, 2017

Pop-up Explorer map 
Happy Friday!

Students are busily working on completing their explorer projects in Language Arts. After a few weeks of research, note taking, paragraph writing, and planning, they are now building their final projects. Some students have chosen to write a picture book, some have chosen a letter written in the first person of their explorer, and
Picture book
others have chosen to build an interactive pop-up map on their computers. On Monday, they will present their projects to the class. After the presentations, classmates will go on a learning walk from table to table taking notes about the discoveries of each explorer. Look for these projects to be shared at home next week.

In Reader's Workshop, we are at the end of our read aloud, The False Prince. This has been an exciting book to read for the students as they have had to collect many clues along the way to try and figure out the twist at the end. This book is part of a trilogy. Look for many students to be running to the library wanting to find the next edition. While we enjoy our book, students continue to read their independent reading books while focusing on conflict/problem as well as point of view. This week, we discussed how the point of view that a writer writes in affects the way a reader enjoys the story.

Next week, we begin looking at our Great American project and begin introductions of time periods and people.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Optional 5th grade Conferences Scheduled Apr.4-6

Friday, March 24, 2017

Happy Friday!
Thank you to all of our parents who helped Colonial Craft Day to be a huge success. We all had a wonderful day of laughing and learning.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy Friday!
Colonial Craft Day is next Friday, March 25. Students should be planning and putting together their colonial clothing choices. Below is a copy of the note sent home last week regarding clothing ideas.


Dear Parents,
Colonial Craft Day is March 25th and fast approaching. We’ve been discussing the many ways to put together a costume for the day. The boys costume pictured was created for $4. Any pair of dark pants will do with a pair of long sports socks pulled up and over the pant legs. If you have a pair of old pants, you could cut them off just below the knees and pull the socks up over the short pants. A large old white dress shirt with some ruffles glued to the sleeves and an old vest. Sometimes the best place to look is in Dad’s closet. The hat was off ebay for $3, though not necessary.
     Below are pictures for girls. We discussed any dress or skirt and blouse will work. Many girls wore dresses and layered a white blouse over the top with an apron around the waste. Aprons can be made out of an old pillowcase with ties sewn or glued on to tie around the waist. A kitchen apron works great too! Some girls even made their own mop hats with an old piece of fabric, glue, and elastic. Directions for a no-sew mop hat can be found online. Of course girls do not need a hat and can choose to have braided pigtails and bows. Many students from last year visited the local Goodwill stores and found some great options for skirts and blouses.
Please do not feel the need to spend any money. Students were encouraged to go through closets and see what they can put together or create. Borrow from a neighbor or maybe a friend from 6th grade. Most importantly, have fun with this!
Mrs. Rollins
Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 9.00.39 AM.pngScreen Shot 2015-02-26 at 8.42.47 AM.png

Friday, March 10, 2017

Explorer vocab game
Happy Friday!
This week we continued our work with "theme" in Reader's Workshop. The students are very engaged in our read aloud, The False Prince while analyzing the possible theme options based on the characteristics of the many characters. This skill of identifying the theme and supporting thinking with evidence is a difficult skill that our students are successfully accomplishing with wonderful conversation back and forth. We have practiced this skill with poetry analyzing as well as writing about the themes of their independent reading books.

Writer's Workshop finds us finishing our annotated notes on our explorers and beginning to take those notes and put them into paragraph form. Students were introduced to three options for a final project that supports their research. 
1. An Interactive pop-up technology map with written information.
2. A Letter writing as the explorer sent to their homeland with a 
    drawn map of their voyages.
3. A picture book written to teach about their explorer with art
    work on each page.

We will continue to work on our research next week and by the end of the week begin work on our projects. The week ended with a fun game called "Exploration Headbandz." We studied exploration vocabulary for the last week and the students got a chance to show what they know by successfully guessing the term that they had on their heads by asking the class one word clues. Lots of laughter ensued.
Spirit Week is next week.
Monday-Clipper pride(Wear blue and white)

Friday, March 3, 2017

Questioning-Inquiry Process
Happy Friday!
     The kids had a busy week after returning from Winter break. Most of our work was centered around our Exploration unit. As Mr. Smith continued to teach the "Age of Exploration" in social studies, we began in language arts, our explorer research projects. Our first lessons focused on how to read non-fiction work to prepare for our research on explorers. Students learned to question the text, and take annotated notes. This is a new concept for many fifth-graders. We will be practicing with an article on Christopher Columbus for a few days before we begin note taking on their individual explorers. Our research and reading will be driven by our focus statement, "European Explorers changed the world." 
Collaborative workers
     Students will spend another week on note taking and research before we begin turning our notes into a final creative writing project. The students will have three options to choose from. They may choose the one option that fits their learning style and interest. There will be a creative writing option, an artistic option, and a technology option. These choices will be presented to the students at the end of next week. By the end of our explorer learning, students will have an opportunity to meet in groups to discuss their interpretations of how European Explorers changed the world and present their final projects.
A good book!
Have a wonderful weekend!
* Spirit week is the week of March 13.
Themes of the days: 

 - Spirit/Clipper Pride: wear blue & white

Tuesday- Eras:  
Grade 5 - 50s
Grade 6 - 60s
Grade 7 - 70s
Grade 8 - 80s
Staff - your high school years

Wednesday - Wacky Wednesday

Thursday - Color day
Grade 5 - orange
Grade 6 - black
Grade 7- green
Grade 8 - pink
Staff - white
Friday - Look like your favorite book, movie, television, comic or cartoon character.