Friday, January 6, 2017

Happy Friday!
Our week started with much excitement for sharing our holiday break. The students got right back in the groove of classroom expectations and we were ready for learning. 

In Writer's Workshop, we started our introduction to our next piece of writing, the persuasive essay. We discussed how many adults in their everyday life write letters, reports, or emails persuading others to see their point of view about something that they care about. Some of these writings may be in our careers, in school, or in our community. The students are in the process of brainstorming ideas about issues they care deeply about. They will be drafting their writing using graphic organizers to help organize their thinking. These essays will include the issue of their choice, their point of view, evidence or reasons to support their opinion, and an argument for a counterclaim. I am very impressed with how deeply the students are thinking about issues in their school and their community. The students will soon bring home their ideas to share with family members to help them with focusing their thinking.

Our Reader's Workshop continues with our read-a-loud of Gabriel King and our focus on Antagonist and Protagonist importance in a story. We discussed this week how an antagonist does not always have to be an actual character but maybe an emotion or the protagonist's own mind. 

Friday morning, we welcomed our exchange students from Japan. They shared about their culture with a slide show and talked about their excitement for visiting Yarmouth and Harrison Middle School.

"GIFT OF SELF" Projects should be completed 
by Jan. 20.

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