Friday, January 13, 2017

Great Readers!

This was a busy week! Most of our Writer's Workshop energy focused on planning our persuasive essays. We used the help of graphic organizers to plan our thinking about the purpose of our writing. We looked at many student samples of completed essay work and had a chance to diagram them and look for the grabber sentences, thesis statements, supporting reasons and details, and clincher sentences to end an essay with a punch and make our reader really think. We also discussed persuasive vocabulary words to make our writing stronger. By Friday, we started to try writing our own thesis statements along with a grabber lead. Next week, we will be working on the body of our essays and the most important information to include.

Antagonist letter
We are nearing the end of our Read-a-loud, The Liberation of Gabriel King in Reader's Workshop. Our focus during this novel has been on character changes over the course of the book, understanding who the protagonist and antagonist is, and we are beginning to focus on "theme" as we come to the end. The theme of a book will also be a strong focus as we move into our next read-a-loud. 

The students are also beginning preparations for a book talk to give to the class. This is a great time of year to book talk the many wonderful books that we have been reading this year. Many students are motivated to try a new book once they hear someone describe a great plot. 

I am so pleased with the students reading motivation. This time of year can sometimes cause a reading slowdown but not with this group. We talk books every day and they are asking for suggestions always. They are eager to write in their journals and the quiet excitement in our room during stamina reading is amazing!

Thank you for supporting your child at home with their reading and for helping them to remember their books each day.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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