Friday, December 9, 2016

Writers at work!
Happy Friday!

The students worked hard with their revision buddies this week. Most of their work revolved around writing a strong ending to their piece of writing. They focused on leaving the writer with a lesson, moral, or a "so what" thought. When we finish our work next week, we will share our pieces with the other 5th grade classes.

In Reader's Workshop, we continued our work with our read-a-loud
The Liberation of Gabriel King. We began looking at the "Point of View" in a story. Our focus was to first look at how the point of view of a character can also be the point fo view of the author. We then focused in on the "first person" and "third person" point of view in the story. Along with point of view, we began to look at the Protagonist and Antagonist positions in a story.
Thank you for sharing your children with me, they make me smile and laugh every day.  Have a wonderful weekend!

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