Friday, December 16, 2016

Great Readers!
Happy Friday!

As we prepare for the holiday break, our narrative writing is complete. Next week, the students will celebrate their hard work by sharing their writing among our two classes.  The student's attention to descriptive writing lessons shines through on every piece. They will be bringing a copy home to share with family, next week. 

When Friday approached, we switched writing gears and began a fun poster project. The students will be practicing using all of their knowledge of Figurative Language from their writing lessons and apply their creative writing to a picture featuring themselves. We will continue this work through next week.
Lost in a book!

We also continue our work with our read-a-loud, The Liberation of Gabriel King. Our reading takes us into discussions about the point of view of our characters and a continuation of analyzing the Antagonist and the protagonist in our story.

Next week, we will meet with our 8th Grade Buddies to start a project together titled, Gift of Self. A part of this project will need to be completed at home over the next couple of weeks. The holiday break also makes for a great time to accomplish this task. Students are asked to give the gift of themselves and their time to someone. The students will then complete a writing assignment about this task. More detailed information will be sent home soon.

Enjoy your weekend!

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