Friday, November 4, 2016

Great Readers!
Happy Friday!

Our week in writing focused on reviewing what we know about personification. We then began to look at how good writers use metaphors and similes to help with writing more descriptive details. We looked at poetry as well as metaphors and similes in the books we are reading. The students are excited when they find these figurative language examples in their own reading. They are seeing how common this language is in good writing. We also focused in Writer's Workshop on techniques good writers use when creating a story. We read the book, Nothing Ever Happens on 90th St. In this story, Eva is given a writing assignment but complains that she has nothing to write about until each of her neighbors gives her advice on what a good writer does. Soon Eva is off and writing. This read aloud also helped students to start their own topic lists for their personal narratives. Next week, we will look at examples of higher level 5th Grade writing.
Figurative Lang. in our books

Our Reader's Workshop found our focus on reviewing character traits. We Read Patricia Polacco's book, My Rotten Red-Headed Older Brother. Patricia Polacco takes us on a journey learning about her brother Richie. We stayed focused on Richie's action and words to infer the type of character traits that best fit Richie. After practicing together, the students wrote a letter to me in their Journals telling me about the main characters in their personal reading books. In their letter, they told me about character traits with supporting evidence from their books to back up their thinking. Next week, as we end our current read aloud, the students will be writing a character analysis about a character from, Animal House and Iz.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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