Thursday, October 6, 2016

Personification and Nature
Happy Friday!

This week's Writer' Workshop lessons continued to focus on writing effective paragraphs. Students are writing practice paragraphs in class with a focus on keeping the paragraph on one topic and having creative topic sentences to introduce their writing. We also looked at the use of adjectives and making our writing better. By the middle of the week, we learned about personification and how figurative language can enrich our writing. The Geese had an opportunity to write personification while observing nature. The Dolphins will try their writing next week.

Our Reader's Workshop turned to Inferencing. We took a look back at the meaning of metacognition as well as schema or background knowledge. Students learned how inferencing is when we mix our schema with what the text says to infer. In other words, how to read between the lines for understanding. We practiced inferencing with a short story before we started applying this skill to our new read aloud, Animal House And Iz. Be sure and ask your child how our new crazy story began.

* No School Fri. Oct. 7 and Mon. Oct. 10

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