Friday, October 21, 2016

Friday dancing..."Sunshine in our pocket"
Happy Friday!

This week flew by! We started our week in the library with Ms. Stuhr. We worked on the "investigating" step of the "Inquiry Process." During this step, we worked in our teams to research possible answers to our designed questions on our group topics and we practiced note taking with "dot jots" to help us not plagiarize.
Inferencing work

In Reader's Workshop, we continued our work with inferencing while reading our read aloud, Animal House and Iz. We talked about inferencing in a group and coming up with the best answers to describe our thinking. Working together, really helped each of us with clarifying our thinking, discussing our thinking, and asking questions. The best work   happens when we put our heads together!

Letter writing
We were just as busy in Writer's Workshop as well. Our focus was on our second practice paragraph. We continued to focus on paragraph structure and the use of transition words to help the flow of our writing. Next week, we will begin our planning of our narrative writing piece. We also had a chance to work on our letter writing to our Uganda pen pals...this was great fun! 

* Rollins/Smith Fall Parent, Student, Teacher Conferences are 
   Oct 24, 26, & 27.

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