Friday, September 30, 2016

Inquiry learning in Library
Happy Friday!

Our week started with a visit to the library where students worked in groups on questioning and wondering about specific topics. With the use of the table top whiteboards, the students brainstormed their questions and discussed with their partners which questions and topics they would pursue in research.

Reader's workshop brought more deep thinking with lessons on metacognition, the process of thinking about our thinking. We discussed how we take what a text says and mix that with our schema (background knowledge) to get to "Real Reading." These lessons help the students get beyond the literal meaning of a story and dig deeper. They had many opportunities to read their own books, reflect on their reading and share out with the class about their thinking. The students also had a lesson on using "stickies" to help with their thinking while reading their independent books.

We started looking at the structural parts of a paragraph this week in Writer's Workshop. Students brainstormed and recorded in groups, all that they remember learning about paragraphing. We then took that information as a whole class and charted the elements of and effective paragraph. We also started brainstorming small seed ideas for paragraphs that they would write in the coming weeks. I will be assigning a "paragraph of the week" starting the week of October 11. Until then, I am walking the students through step by step, how to write a longer more effective paragraph. These practices at home will help prepare the students for their first big writing, narratives.

We ended our week with keyboarding practice and an Autumn story read by Ms. Stuhr in the library.

* 5th-Grade Math team and Intramurals is on 
   Tues. Oct. 4 2:45-4:20.
* Mindfulness club is on Wed. Oct 5, 2:45-3:20
* No School on Oct. 7 and Oct. 10

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