Friday, September 23, 2016

Happy Friday!

Our week started with the students building their reading timelines in their Reader's Notebook. This was a great activity for each student to reflect, share, and laugh about their favorite books of the past. We discussed how books have helped shape us as readers and are a part of our daily life. As we continued to focus on the importance of reading, we had a chance to practice our reading stamina. Students discussed and shared what great readers do while reading. We also shared a wonderful book called, Aunt Chip and the Triple Creek Dam Affair by Patricia Polacco. The characters in this story become so focused on their TV watching that books become a thing of the past. People eventually forget how to read as books are used for everything except reading. Be sure to ask your student how the book ended.
"So many good books!"

As the week progressed, each student focused on their Reading Goal for the year. We discussed the many different genres of books that the students will try in 5th-grade. We even had a chance to play a game to practice our knowledge of genres. 

In Writer' Workshop, we did some short quick-writes and shared one of our journal writings, "How is 5th-grade going so far?" The highlights of 5th-grade seem to be the changing of classes, UA, having a lot of different teachers and lots of time to read.

Next week, students will be introduced to Their Wordly Wise vocabulary books and we will begin looking at the structure of a well-written paragraph.

* 5th-grade Intramurals Tuesday, 2:45-4:20
* Leadership Club Starts Thursday, 7:20-7:55
* Writing Club Starts, Last Thurs. of the month, 2:45-3:45

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