Friday, June 10, 2016

Happy Friday!

Summer is getting closer and closer and we are enjoying our last few days together. We are continuing our read-a-louds, My Brother Sam Is Dead and The False Prince. With each chapter, the kids are hooked and can't wait to see what will happen to our main characters. Each character's life is in great danger. 
     On Wednesday, we loaded the bus and headed to Boston to culminate our colonization unit. What a wonderful day! As we ventured along the Freedom Trail, groups of students took center stage and became the teachers who taught us about the historical background of each site we visited. We ended our day in the Old North Meeting house were the students role played a debate between Patriots and Loyalists which led to the Boston Tea Party. We have some great future actors in our midst. 

     As our week ended, the 5th-grade students visited their 8th grade buddies to see and congratulate them on their Civil Rights projects. They did a wonderful job! The 5th graderswere very interested and had a lot to talk about when we returned to our room.
     Next Tuesday, June 14, all 5th graders will visit the 6th grade classrooms and teachers for "Step-Up" day. The 6th-grade teachers will introduce themselves and 
answer any questions to help the students feel comfortable about entering 6th grade in the Fall. 

*   Monday is our Yearbook assembly. 
Anyone who ordered a yearbook will 
receive their book at the end of the day 
on Monday. 
*   If you did not order a yearbook 
but would like one, please 
call the HMS office.

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