Friday, May 6, 2016

Computer outline with student's GA essay notes
Happy Friday!
What a busy week we've had in Language Arts!
The students are hard at work on their Great American 
reading and research. We spent most of our week reading our biographies and note taking. While note taking, students were looking for the character traits that helped make their American's successful in their lives. By the end of the week, most students began working on their essay outlines on their computers. Students also worked on items for their presentation boards. We chose our main portraits of our Great Americans to display and created titles for their boards.
We also were sure to document and keep up to date with the resources being used by updating our bibliographies.

In Reader's Workshop, we started a new read a-loud, The False Prince byJennifer Nielsen. Students were excited to begin a historical fiction genre taking place during the knights and kingdoms time period. After reading the first four chapters, the students already began to compare the three main characters with the three main characters we read about at the beginning of the year in Alabama Moon. This is a high level reading skill. The conversation comparing and contrasting these characters and time periods was amazing. We have wonderful critical thinkers!

Come Friday, we ended our week with Career Day. Students visited the many adults who donated their time to share about their careers and the education and experience needed  to become successful in their chosen fields. The day ended with with the whole school coming together to listen to Mr. Bob Crowley our key not speaker. Mr. Crowley was a contestant on the show "Survivor." He told the students to do their best effort at what ever career you choose, doesn't matter what it is, just do your best!

* Great American Night is Thursday, May 26. 

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