Friday, April 29, 2016

Great American work
 Happy Friday!                                               
"Highlights of our week"
     This was a busy week back from Spring Break.
We started our week with Great American projects being revealed and assigned. After the students checked out their biography books, we got right to work reading and sticky noting character traits that revealed themselves within our books. Some of the students began to "dot jot" their evidence to support those traits, later to become their Great American essays. 
Tagxedo project
     By mid week we had a lesson with Mrs. Stuhr in the library. We learned how to collect the proper information to create a bibliography for the resources that we will use for our projects. While in the library, we also researched our Great Americans on the Britannica online
"Dot jot" notes

     As our week came to an end, students created their first project for their presentation boards, their Tagxedo word clouds to describe their Great Americans.
*Great American Night is 
Thursday, May 26.


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