Friday, March 11, 2016

Happy Friday!
     A whole lot of fun was had by all during our Spirit Week. The 5th grade did a fantastic job participating and laughing. 
      Although we may have looked a little crazy, we sure worked hard on our Explorer research and writing. The students moved on to dot jot note taking as we enjoyed the stories of our explorer's lives. There was a lot of conversation and mumbling going around the room as students learned 
about the courageous and sometimes criminal adventures of their explorer.
     Our focus this week was on good note taking, jotting notes but not putting our notes in complete sentences, just writing the facts in a list. Later, the students will take these notes and rewrite them in their own words. These note lessons work very well with our conversation on plagiarism.
     We continued our read aloud, The Liberation of Gabriel King in Reader's Workshop while continually looking at the point of view of the author and how  that view affects the story. We also looked at the point of view of each character to better understand that character. We payed great attention to each character's voice and what they had to say. 
*  Colonial Craft Day, Fri. Mar. 25
    Start preparing costume. 
*  Small baby food jar needed for Colonial Craft Day. Bring in 
    as soon as you can.

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