Friday, February 26, 2016

Happy Friday!

    We started our week with the exciting news that we were beginning our Explorer research projects this week. Mr. Smith began the Social Studies unit on The Age of Exploration before the winter break. In addition, we started with a lesson to connect what the students already know and what we want to still learn about explorer.   We spent two days in the library inquiring about the topic "European Explorers Changed the World." Students worked in groups to ask questions about the topic while looking at art work focused on the time period. These questions were then analyzed by the students and categorized by their topics. Then, students worked together to put their questions into sub categories. The students soon learned that these sub categories told a story and would drive their research on their individual explorers project.

Next week we will focus on individual research after practicing how to read informational text and note taking skills.
    In Reader's Workshop, we continue our read aloud, The Liberation of Gabriel King and our work with inferencing and how the "point of view" of the author and /or characters can change the meaning of a story.

* Colonial Craft Day blue volunteer slips need to be returned as soon as possible.
* Colonial Craft Day costume information will be sent home next week.

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