Friday, January 29, 2016

Persuasive work
Happy Friday!
We began the week in Writer's Workshop with our focus on our persuasive essay. With our graphic organizers complete, we started typing the rough draft essays into our google docs. As we worked, we began to add more information to our paragraphs like our survey results, quotes from notable resources, and citing information from research. Students also focused on using transition words to help their paragraphs flow as well as lengthening sentence structures to sound like 5th grade writers. They are doing a wonderful job!

Persuasive graphic organizer-Planning is important!
Along with our essay work, students typed up their Gift of Self writing and prepared them to share with their 8th grade buddies next week. Many were very eager to share their projects and reactions to their gift.

In Reader's Workshop, our work revolved around our read a-loud, The Liberation of Gabriel King. We continued our focus on inferring within our reading. Most of our discussion was looking at the difference between a prediction and an inference. As I read to the students, I modeled my thinking and charted my inferences. At the end of our read a-loud time, students then had a chance to get comfortable and enjoy their own books. As they read, they charted their own inferencing in their Reader's Notebooks so they could share out their thinking when we regrouped. 
Reading at its best!
Next week we will continue practicing our inferencing skills and will begin to look at the "Point of View" of our two main characters. 
* Tues. Feb. 2 - 5th Math Team &            Digital Media
* Wed. Feb. 3 -5th Intramurals

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