Friday, December 11, 2015

Enjoying a great book!
HAPPY FRIDAY!                   

     Our holiday break is approaching fast and we are wrapping up a few projects. We finished our read aloud,  Animal House and Iz and are working on character traits with evidence of characters along with a computer caricature drawing of the character. Students will compare two character's traits using dialogue writing. 
Our next read aloud will begin after the new year when we begin a book taking place during the Jim Crow era and civil rights.
     In Writer's Workshop, the students are putting their final touches on their narrative writing pieces. During this last week, we focused on editing our work and looking at our endings. Did your ending leave your reader thinking, laughing, or learning a lesson? 
     Next week we will meet with our 8th grade buddies to discuss a project called, "The gift of self." This project will ask each student to give the gift of themselves to a friend, elderly person, family or neighbor by helping them in some way without being asked or compensated. When the students return from the holiday break, they will write about that experience and share their writing with their 8th grade buddy.
*Wed. Dec. 16th- 5/6th grade instrumental/choral concert. 6:30pm
*Wed. Dec 16th- Intramurals cancelled

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