Tuesday, November 10, 2015

     It was a short week with a lot of excitement. As most of you know, the dolphin homeroom went on to victory in the school wide pig races. With the amazing team spirit of the Geese and the Dolphins working together, victory and fun was had by all. (See photos below)
     Writer's Workshop was spent on planning personal narratives. Students used a graphic organizer to help them plan their narratives and get their thoughts down before drafting. We discussed the grading rubric for the narratives and then had a chance to read narratives from students past and evaluate and grade those rubrics together. This exercise helped the students see and hear what a strong and poor written narrative would sound like. We are off and writing.
     As the week came to an end, we continued or work on our knowledge of Figurative Language. Students brought in a photo of themselves to test their skills on writing personification, metaphors and similes about their photos. Figuratively Speaking, they were as busy as bees with their knowledge crawling across their pages. 
Have a great weekend!

     We did it!
Finish Lime and his lucky lime

Our Pig, "Finish Lime" won the pig races this year.
Congratulations to Grace for doing a great job at her pig guiding and for being our top fundraising seller. With the amazing team spirit of the Dolphins and the Geese, we went on to victory.
Congratulations to all!

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