Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Friday, November 20, 2015

Pizza celebration for victory in the pig race
 We had a busy week!
Our week was spent deep in drafting our personal narratives.
Students creatively wrote in their writing journals and then transferred their narratives into their google drives. Once they had their stories on the computers, we could get busy with looking at details and techniques for strengthening their pieces. Students learned about thought shots(blowing up a moment in great details or looking back at a moment). We looked at ways we could use figurative language to help the reader see the moment. By Friday, we had a mini lesson talking about passive verbs such as were, is and was. We learned that overusing these verbs can make a writing more of a "telling" instead of a "showing" narrative. We will continue our narrative work after the holiday with a look at adding meaningful dialogue and strong endings. 
Figuratively Speaking Poster

We continued our read a loud Animal House and Iz and our study of character traits. Students took notes about characters based on what a character did and said. 

We also had a chance to share our "Figuratively Speaking" posters with the other fifth grade classrooms. The students all did a super job creatively writing about a picture of themselves using metaphors, similes, and personification.

Mr. Smith and I were extremely pleased with the maturity the students showed during our lockdown drill. They did such a super job, we decided to go outside at the end of the day for a class kickball game. Students laughing and the sun shining, what a great way to end our week. ENJOY!
*  5th grade Friends/Pie Celebration is next Tuesday at 1:00
*  No school Nov. 25, 26, & 27. Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

     It was a short week with a lot of excitement. As most of you know, the dolphin homeroom went on to victory in the school wide pig races. With the amazing team spirit of the Geese and the Dolphins working together, victory and fun was had by all. (See photos below)
     Writer's Workshop was spent on planning personal narratives. Students used a graphic organizer to help them plan their narratives and get their thoughts down before drafting. We discussed the grading rubric for the narratives and then had a chance to read narratives from students past and evaluate and grade those rubrics together. This exercise helped the students see and hear what a strong and poor written narrative would sound like. We are off and writing.
     As the week came to an end, we continued or work on our knowledge of Figurative Language. Students brought in a photo of themselves to test their skills on writing personification, metaphors and similes about their photos. Figuratively Speaking, they were as busy as bees with their knowledge crawling across their pages. 
Have a great weekend!

     We did it!
Finish Lime and his lucky lime

Our Pig, "Finish Lime" won the pig races this year.
Congratulations to Grace for doing a great job at her pig guiding and for being our top fundraising seller. With the amazing team spirit of the Dolphins and the Geese, we went on to victory.
Congratulations to all!

Friday, November 6, 2015

Happy Friday!

I would like to thank all of our parents for the chance to check-in and share goals during conferences. Your children are a joy to work and laugh with every day. Thank you again for sending them to school each day ready to learn. 
Creativity at work!

Most of our Writer's Workshop this week revolved around "quick writes" and allowing our creativity to flow in our journals. These journal entries will help students to make the big decision on what to write about in their personal narratives. We are also continuing our study of personification, metaphors, and similes in our writing. On Friday we went outside and enjoyed the quiet morning reflecting and noticing our surroundings while writing metaphors and personification about nature. The results where Amazing! 

Example of student writing
We also started a new Read aloud titled, Animal House and Iz. After Alabama Moon, this is a humorous light read about a blended family and their quest for understanding each other and becoming one big loving family. During this book we will be revisiting the literary element, character traits and growth of the characters over the course of the reading. There are many characters in this book who go through changes in some way by the end of the story. 

Last but not least, the Dolphin homeroom class qualified to enter the big "Pig" race next week. The top sellers in the fundraiser were Mrs. Rollins' and Mrs. Jag's classes for the 5th grade. We will race each other and the winner will go on to race the upper grades. The pig race will be next Tuesday, Nov.10 at 1:40. This is the funniest thing to see. The students love it! Look for pictures next week in our blog.
* No school next Wed. Nov. 11- Veteran's Day
* Speech and Debate team-Tues. Nov.10-2:30
* 5th Math Team-Tues. Nov 10-2:30