Friday, October 30, 2015

Sharing life stories
Happy Friday!

As our week started, we moved into our second Wordly Wise lesson. Due to our 8th grade Buddy get together on Thursday,We will continue to work on this lesson with the test next Wednesday.

We prepared for choosing a topic for our Narrative writing by building a graffiti page of memories and favorite things in our writer's notebooks. Students also shared their writer's notebook family and friend photo stories. Classmates listened to each other's stories and helped their friends decide on which pictures would make for great story topics. We ended our week by completing two "quick" writes." During a quick write, students are given a topic to write about using as many descriptive words as they can. They are to write without worrying about conventions and mechanics, just get the creativity flowing. Many students could not wait to share their writing.
8the grade Buddies

Our Reader's Workshop this week focused on reviewing character traits. We discussed finding a character's traits by noticing what a character in a story does and says. We talked about the difference between internal traits and external traits of a person. Students began to look at their own characters in the books they are reading, and deciding which traits could fit their character. Students also began to write about the evidence from their books that would support their thinking.

To end our week, we spent Thursday afternoon with our 8th grade buddies drawing our creatively designed monsters. Ask your child to share the fun details. We also visited the library to listen to spooky Halloween stories from Ms. Stuhr.

* HMS Book Fair Mon. Nov. 2 - Thurs.      
   Nov. 5.
* Book Fair Family Night is Tues. Nov. 3 
   5:00 to 7:00pm
* Final Magazine Sales are Due Nov. 3

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