Friday, October 2, 2015

Peer discussions and help

     Our reading week began with continual work on lesson 1 of our Wordly Wise book. We had a lot of time to work on becoming familiar with the format in the book and have great discussions about the new vocabulary. Students are already finding these words in their own reading. As you know from my email earlier in the week, the students were also introduced to This website is a great resource for your children to practice their weekly vocabulary words. Students also worked diligently on their Reading Timelines. They are eager to share next week about the books in their lives that have helped shape them into the great readers they are.
Reading Timeline
     This week our character Moon from our read-a-loud Alabama Moon, is discovering that the life he thought was wonderful, may not be so. Be sure to check-in with your child to find out what Moon will do next. Through our reading, we have been continuing our discussions about Figurative Language and how great authors use this technique in their writing. Watt key uses wonderful personification, similes, and metaphors to bring his story to life. The students are excited when they find evidence of this great writing as we read. We will continue these writing lessons next week and begin to use these techniques in our paragraph writing.
      Each of your children received the writing tools that I shared with you at our "Open House." The "Transition Words" sheet, Paragraph Rubric, and the "Writer's Checklist." Many eyes grew big with excitement to begin their writing using these tools. We evaluated samples of great paragraphs as well as poor paragraph writing. By looking at these pieces, the kids could see and hear what good 5th grade writing looks and sounds like. 
*  Tues. Oct. 6, Math Team and Speech and Debate Team-2:30
*  Wed. Oct. 7, 5th grade Intramurals
*  Teacher In-Service, No school on Fri. Oct. 9.


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