Friday, October 16, 2015

Happy Friday!

Our short week began with more Alabama Moon reading and thinking. We are nearing the end of the book and through Moon, we have learned a wealth of survivalist techniques. Ask your child what Moon used slugs for. As we near the end, the students have been asking themselves many questions about how this story and characters will end. We still have many unanswered questions. The author Watt Key will be here next Thursday to share with the students how he came to write Alabama Moon and to answer the student's many questions. Royal River book store is carrying copies for sale and students are invited to bring their own copy to be autographed if they choose.
Mr. Roscoe and teachers

Writer's Workshop continued this week with our figurative language study and a look at "idioms." This was a lot of fun to see the students get excited about what an idiom is and realizing how many of their parents use these figurative language techniques when talking. There was a lot of, " OHHHHHHH! That's what my mom says." We also continued our paragraph practice in preparation for our narrative pieces soon to come.

Students at St. Bahkita
On Thursday, we had a guest speaker. Mr. Roscoe come to talk with us about Harrison Middle School's sister school in Uganda. He shared pictures and movies of Uganda and the children that attend St. Bahkita Primary School in Beweyale, Uganda. We learned how this is a refugee settlement with people who left Sudan for safety reasons. The students were very excited to learn about how we are going to write letters and become pen pals with these children. Your child is coming home this weekend with their letter assignment to be completed at home and returned to school by next Wednesday, Oct. 21. If you would like more information on this school, I have included the link:

* Conference sign-up email coming soon
* Thurs, Oct. 22, author Watt Key is at HMS
* 5th grade intramurals next Wed. Oct. 21 is CANCELLED

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