Friday, October 23, 2015

HAPPY FRIDAY!                          
Mr. Watt Key

We started our week with a continuation of "dot jot" note taking in our library lesson. Ms. Stuhr helped us with our book selections and how to take short notes in our own words.
As many of you know, we also had our first spelling list and packet to work through. We worked through the pages together during the week so that each student could become comfortable with how the the packet practices the spelling rule that is focused. In future spelling packets, the students will be responsible for finishing this work on their own for homework. We then took our spelling test on Friday. Next week we will work on Wordly Wise vocabulary lesson #2. Wordly Wise and Spelling will continue through the year alternating each week.
Evie and Nate introduce Mr. Key

This was an exciting week as we finished our read aloud, Alabama Moon. Students were riveted to their seats waiting to see what would happen to our friend Moon. As the book came to an end, the students still had many questions. We discussed and wrote about how Moon had changed as a character and why. To end this wonderful read, we had the author Watt Key visit our school from Alabama. He showed the students a slide show of when he and two friends tried to survive out in the Alabama forests as a college student. Our students were absolutely engrossed in his funny stories. In the end, the students could ask questions. I was so very proud of our kids as they asked very thoughtful questions about how the characters were created and how Mr. Key accomplishes is story writing. It was a wonderful learning event for our students.

Next week we will begin learning about generating topics for good Narrative writing. We will finish our fun paragraph writing about a Halloween character to share with our 8th grade buddies on Thursday and we will also begin a study on "Metacognition." Helping the students to understand how to think about their thinking when reading.
*  Conferences are scheduled next week for Oct. 27, 29, & 30 
    They will continue the following week, Nov. 3, 4, & 5
*  Picture retakes are next Thursday Oct. 29.
*  5th grade Intramurals is cancelled next week, Oct. 28.

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