Friday, September 18, 2015

Keyboarding practice
Happy Friday!

Our week started with the organization of our writing folders. The students had an opportunity to decorate their notebooks with memories of special times and favorite things. They then shared stories about their pictures and helped each other decide which memories would make for good story writing. Next week we will start our paragraph writing.
Personification from Alabama Moon

Reading this week focused on the behaviors of good readers. We also learned about the word "stamina" and how it relates to good readers. We read the book, The Bee Tree by Patricia Polacco. Ask your child to share a little about this wonderful book that shares the joy of reading and finding that special book. On Wednesday, we started our "One School One Book" project with the novel, Alabama Moon by Watt Key. During this time we also started working in our Reader's Notebooks. Our focus this week was on "personification." We read a few poems to identify personification and look at how authors use this figurative language to enrich their descriptive writing. We read from our
Reader's Notebook work
novel and Identified how Watt Key used personification many times in just the first few chapters. Next week we will try writing our own personification poems in preparation for using this this technique in our personal narratives. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

*  MAP testing- 5th grade is Wed. Sept 23 and 
    Thursday, Sept. 24th.
*  Math Team starts next Wed, Sept. 22 In Ellis' 
    room. If you enjoy math and math puzzles, come have some fun
    with practice and competitions with other schools. 2:30-4:00
*  Wednesdays, 5th Grade Intramurals 2:30-4:00
*  Writing Club will meet Sept 24th from 2:30-3:30.
     Writing Club is an opportunity for fifth and sixth grade students to focus on writing beyond classroom assignments. In the fall, students work on creative pieces of their own choosing. In the spring, the group focuses on journalism and produces The Harrison Middle School Survival Handbook, "written by fifth graders for future fifth graders." Sixth graders work on other writing pursuits.
 We meet after school on the last school Thursday of each month (until 3:30 p.m.). All students with an interest in writing are welcome. There is a sign-up sheet outside room 104. Students are encouraged to bring a notebook and their own snacks, although we will have paper and rudimentary munchies. Students may also see Ms. Agell during a drop-in time on Mondays at 9:20 AM. Writers may share writing with Ms. Agell any time, electronically or by hand delivery. The Poem Booth, for example, is always hungry! Students who are writing a great deal may be pulled out of class for a writing conference, at the convenience of the classroom teacher and Ms. Agell.  

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