Friday, May 15, 2015

Diligent hard workers!
Happy Friday!

Wow! What a week. The students participated in the MEA testing everyday this week. They did a Fantastic job approaching these tests with a positive attitude, giving their best effort. We had many discussions about this just being another opportunity for them to practice test taking skills to help prepare them for their futures in upper education. Practicing staying calm and helping them understand that this did not affect their school work, helped them to stay positive and have confidence in their own abilities. We celebrated our efforts on Friday with sunshine and popsicles. I was very proud of their positive attitudes.

The few minutes here and there that we had academic time, we where able to focus on our Great American work. By the end of this week, students should have completed their Reasons for Fame writing, Interesting Facts list, two Free Choice items, Character Word Splashes, and any pictures with typed captions. Our focus in class has been the essay work. We will continue to work on our essays through next week.

* Students should be building their costumes for Great American Night and working on those presentation boards. Have Fun!

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