Saturday, May 9, 2015

Dancers of "Forces in Motion"
What a crazy week! We started our week with a wonderfully fun assembly put on by FMA and Nasa. Students learned all about Newton's 3 laws of physics through demonstrations, dance and music. 5th grade students were singing and dancing in their seats.

We also took the MEA Science tests on Monday and Tuesday. Unlike the Lang. Arts and Math tests, these tests were completed with paper and pencil containing bubble in and short written responses. I was very proud of the students. They gave their best effort and were serious workers.
Mr. Smith testing Forces

Come Wednesday and Thursday, we were back to work on our Great American Projects. The students worked diligently on their first paragraphs for their essays as well as picture creations for their presentation boards.

Our week ended with Career Fair Day. We spent our morning visiting many different career speakers and learning about their day to day responsibilities in their chosen careers.
* Lang. Arts and Math MEA testing starts on Monday, May 11 and finishes on Friday, May 15th.

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