Friday, May 29, 2015

Happy Friday!
What an Evening! 
Great American Night was a huge success. The hard work and effort of every student shined through in their presentations and costumes. Many weeks of diligent working and researching ended with success. Thank you to all of our parents for their support with presentation boards, costumes and deadlines. Working together assured confident excited students ready to present their wonderful work.
* MAP testing is Monday and Tuesday June 1 & 2
Ronald Reagan

Lois Lowry

Chuck Yeager

Maria Tallchief
Satchel Paige

Friday, May 22, 2015

Last minute details on projects
Happy Friday!
     We did it! Our Great American presentation boards are complete and in class. They all look fantastic! Most of our week was focused on our writing of text for our presentation boards as well as our Great American essays. We will continue writing our essays through next Wednesday. We have completed four paragraphs and are working on our fifth concluding paragraph. We also started our portraits of our Great Americans. The students learned how

to draw a face by measuring with rulers and placing the eyes, nose, and mouth proportionately on the head. They are coming out wonderfully! As families arrive on Great American night, the portraits of Great Americans will be hanging on lockers for all to enjoy. Students should be working on their costumes to be ready for next Thursday, May 28th.

     The students and I look forward to seeing you next week for Great American Night on Thursday, May 28th from 6:00-6:30pm.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Diligent hard workers!
Happy Friday!

Wow! What a week. The students participated in the MEA testing everyday this week. They did a Fantastic job approaching these tests with a positive attitude, giving their best effort. We had many discussions about this just being another opportunity for them to practice test taking skills to help prepare them for their futures in upper education. Practicing staying calm and helping them understand that this did not affect their school work, helped them to stay positive and have confidence in their own abilities. We celebrated our efforts on Friday with sunshine and popsicles. I was very proud of their positive attitudes.

The few minutes here and there that we had academic time, we where able to focus on our Great American work. By the end of this week, students should have completed their Reasons for Fame writing, Interesting Facts list, two Free Choice items, Character Word Splashes, and any pictures with typed captions. Our focus in class has been the essay work. We will continue to work on our essays through next week.

* Students should be building their costumes for Great American Night and working on those presentation boards. Have Fun!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Dancers of "Forces in Motion"
What a crazy week! We started our week with a wonderfully fun assembly put on by FMA and Nasa. Students learned all about Newton's 3 laws of physics through demonstrations, dance and music. 5th grade students were singing and dancing in their seats.

We also took the MEA Science tests on Monday and Tuesday. Unlike the Lang. Arts and Math tests, these tests were completed with paper and pencil containing bubble in and short written responses. I was very proud of the students. They gave their best effort and were serious workers.
Mr. Smith testing Forces

Come Wednesday and Thursday, we were back to work on our Great American Projects. The students worked diligently on their first paragraphs for their essays as well as picture creations for their presentation boards.

Our week ended with Career Fair Day. We spent our morning visiting many different career speakers and learning about their day to day responsibilities in their chosen careers.
* Lang. Arts and Math MEA testing starts on Monday, May 11 and finishes on Friday, May 15th.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Happy Friday!

Our week started off with much excitement as the students found out who their "Great Americans" would be. We prepared for note taking by putting together a folder to hold our sticky notes and dot jot pages. The students spent most of this week reading their biography books and noting character traits based on the actions and words of their Great American.

By the end of the week, some students were starting to take their sticky notes and turn them into notes. We also looked at an example of how the first paragraph of their essay will look as well as what their speech will look and sound like for Great American Night. By Friday, students were also making a tagxedo for their presentation boards. This is an art piece using shapes and words describing their Great American to create an image using technology.
Bill Gates tagxedo

By Friday afternoon, we were ready for a break. We got together with our 8th grade Buddies and walked over to YES to help weed and clean the district vegetable garden. Enjoy the sunny weekend!
1. 5th grade MEA science testing Mon. and Tues, May 4th and 5th.
2. 5th grade Band concert Tues. May 5th 6:30pm
3. Career Fair Day May 8th.
4. 5th grade MEA Lang. Arts. and Math testing May 11- May 14.