Friday, April 10, 2015

Reading for theme
Happy Friday!
     Our week flew by and before we knew it, it was Friday. We started our week with a lesson with Ms. Stuhr on research websites for our Great American projects. She showed us a few sites that we can access through our library web page. These research sites are written at a middle school level and easy for us to navigate. 
     In our Reader's Notebooks, we continued reading for the theme of a story using many different picture books for practice. We learned how to choose a topic for a theme based on the details in our books and then how to write out the actual theme with the topic idea. We will continue to work with "theme" through next week. 
     Until we begin our Great American essay writing, we continued this week to focus our writing practice on effective paragraphs. Our mini lessons centered on "grabber" topic sentences, details to support details, use of the thesaurus/new vocabulary, and transition words to help the flow.
     Next week, we will begin to look at character traits that make a Great American. We will practice reading a biography together to learn how to take notes on character traits.
* Career Fair Wed, April 15th   
   Students will visit guest 
   speakers to learn about
   different careers.
* Spring Break begins on
   Thursday, April 16th at 2:30.

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