Friday, April 3, 2015

Happy Friday!
Makerspace fun!
     What a busy week! We started our week with Google research lessons with Mr. Arsenault to prepare to start our research on our Great Americans. He helped us learn how to focus our research on key words and to recognize a trustworthy site. 
     On Tuesday, we participated in "Makerspace" in the library. We got to use our imaginations to create wonderful inventions/art out of everyday junk...What great fun! Check out some of us creating in the pictures. 
     Come Thursday, we spent most of Language Arts browsing Great American Biographies. We each made a favorites list of who we might want to learn more about. We will be looking at the kind of character traits that a Great American might have.We will find out who our Great Americans will be on the Monday that we return from Spring break. April 27th will be our big kick-off day for our projects. 
     On Friday we got to meet with our 8th grade buddies to hear all about Muscular Dystrophy from Jarod Conant's dad. After, we spent time with our buddies as they shared their 8th grade parody writing.
     In our Reader's notebooks this week, we continued our focus on finding the theme of a book and understanding how and why a character changes over the course of the story. We also continued paragraph practice writing to prepare for our Great American essays.
Have a wonderful weekend!

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