Friday, February 27, 2015

Sample book of Explorer project
Happy Friday!

We had a busy week after returning from Winter Break. The students continued their eager research on their Explorers using many different resources from books to websites. They are loving the fun adventures of their explorer and even some gruesome facts have emerged to their surprise. This week we continued with the "dot jot" note taking. This note taking will help them to paraphrase the information in their own words when they begin their writing. Some students were able to begin typing their writing in their Google drives on Friday with the help of an online graphic organizer. Most students will begin this step on Monday.
Our class also continued our reading of The Watson's go to Birmingham-1963. We've been looking at the many complex characters in this book and trying to understand why they do the things they do and say. We had fun with a "Tweeting" lesson for two days where the students read a passage from the book in groups and then could tweet their thoughts or comments about a character or to a character. Each group of students moved around the room tweeting their thoughts to each other and
Tweeting results..Great Thinkers!
communicating through their written thoughts about characters. The room was silent! In the end, we discussed our thinking and came to understand character behavior with the help of each other. The kids did a fantastic job expressing themselves, and enjoying the process.

Two important notes are coming home today about Colonial Craft day. Please check with your child about these notes.
Colonial Craft Day...March 12th.
Enjoy your weekend!   

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