Friday, February 13, 2015

Don't Forget To...
Have a wonderful Winter Break!
Enjoy the snow!

Our week was filled with Explorer learning and research.
We started our week with two library lessons focused on using the Inquiry Process with our research. The students had a wonderful discussion on how we use the Inquiry process in our daily lives and how those steps will be applied with our explorer research. Students received the names of their explorer and then together we drafted up a list of questions we would want to know and have answered about their explorer through their research.
Before we began the research, we also had a lesson on the importance of a bibliography and how to build one when researching.We ended the week with lessons on note taking and not copying information. We are now on our way and deep into the Age of Exploration.  

Our work in our Reader's Notebooks continued with this weeks focus on "Point of View." Through the read-a-loud books we have read, we discussed first person and third person point of view. We took more time to look at "limited" third person(Author knows the feelings of one character) and "Omniscient" third person(Author knows the feelings of all the characters. We looked at books and identified which point of view our books have been written in. We also discussed how the author's point of view about a subject dictates the tone or overall feeling of the story. 

Spirit Week is approaching!
Lets have fun!
Daily Themes:
  • Monday 2/23:  Dress in Blue & white (Spirit day)
  • Tuesday 2/24: Dress Wacky (hair & clothing)
  • Wednesday 2/25: Dress in the style of your favorite Foreign Country/Culture
  • Thursday 2/26: Dress like a Mainer (plaid/flannel clothing, LL Bean boats/clothing, fishing/lobster clothing)
  • Friday 2/27: Dress Like someone you like or admire (book character, movie character, superhero, your favorite teacher, a police person  etc.....)


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