Friday, February 6, 2015

Happy Friday!
As we ended our week, the students put the finishing touches on their essays to prepare to share with the class. They all did a great job with their effort and "stick to it" attitudes. Bravo!

We also began our "Age of Exploration Unit in Social Studies and Writing. The students and I had a mini kick-off celebration to our explorer research projects. Each student will be researching and note taking to prepare to write a picture book about their explorer. These picture books will include drawings and information about their explorers early life, goals, accomplishments, and voyages. We had our first research practice with Ms. Stuhr in the library. She taught us how to use the library web page and a program called "Marvel" to research and use as one of our resources. Next week, we will practice note taking and learn about the other resources that are available to us while working on this piece of writing. The students and I agreed that this project will take a lot of grit. We are excited to get started!
In our Reader's notebooks, we began looking at "Point of View" in literature. The students listened to a picture book called, Voices. The story takes place in a park but each page has a different character in the park tell what was going on in the park from each of their points of view. The kids had a chance to discuss what first-person, second-person, and third-person point of view means in a story. Who is telling the story? Is it a character? Is it a narrator? How do you know? What key words to look for so you know who is telling the story. As we practice this literary element, students will have an opportunity to write about the point of view in their own books and ask themselves how a story might change if another character's point of view were to be used. As fifth grade readers we will begin to look at how a narrator's point of view influences how events are described in a story. 
Spirit Week is approaching!
Lets have fun!
Daily Themes:
  • Monday 2/23:  Dress in Blue & white (Spirit day)
  • Tuesday 2/24: Dress Wacky (hair & clothing)
  • Wednesday 2/25: Dress in the style of your favorite Foreign Country/Culture
  • Thursday 2/26: Dress like a Mainer (plaid/flannel clothing, LL Bean boats/clothing, fishing/lobster clothing)
  • Friday 2/27: Dress Like someone you like or admire (book character, movie character, superhero, your favorite teacher, a police person  etc.....)

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