Friday, January 23, 2015

Survey work
Happy Friday!
With a short week, our time in class just flew by.
We started our week on Tuesday with a full hour of library time to sit in the cozy chairs and get lost in a good book. The students love this opportunity when we get the chance to really get into a book...the room was silent. We also continued our read-a-loud, The Watson's go to Burmingham-1963. Our main character Kenny is setting up the scenes for us and we continue to learn how a character's history, makes them who they are as a person.

On Tuesday, we had a technology lesson with Mr. Arsenault about creating and sending out a survey question on our computers. Students are using their thesis statements from their essay writings and creating a few questions that relate to their thesis. They then sent out their survey by email to our two classes. They will then use their responses to include a statistic in the essay writing to support their thesis. It was a lot of fun to watch their excitement while answering each others surveys.
We also continued working in our Reader's notebooks with finding the main idea in a piece of non-fiction text. We practiced our skills while reading a historical fiction picture book titled, Now Let Me Fly. This first-person fictional story gives realistic accounts of the lives of countless slaves as they were kidnapped in Africa and brought to the Colonies. We read half the story together while taking notes of important details. Next week, the students will continue their work with this book in peer groups. Our practice of note taking is preparing us for our Explorer reports starting soon.
Your student's "Gift of Self" writing is due next Thursday, Jan.29th.
They have the requirements in their homework folder. This assignment was given out just before the holiday break.

Have a wonderful weekend! 

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