Friday, January 9, 2015

Happy New Year!

     The students and I are back to school and off and running. We started our week with lots hugs and conversations about the their holiday activities. We did a few quick writes about our time off and then we jumped right in with our new Opinion essay writing.  The students and I worked on a few mini lessons with the focus on choosing a topic, what is a "Thesis" statement, and interesting ways to start an essay. Next week we will use a graphic organizer to organize our thinking into paragraphs.
     We also eased back into our wonderful reading hour each day with the students excitingly engaged in new books. They had a chance to write to me in their reading journals about interesting characters in their books and what about a character's history makes them who they are presently. 
     Non-fiction reading is our new focus of study that we have added to our Reader's Notebooks. This week, we looked at how to find the "Main Idea" of a piece of non-fiction writing. The students discussed what we do as readers before we read, during reading, and after reading a non-fiction piece. We discussed how a main idea is usually found in the first paragraph and sometimes in the last paragraph, we discussed looking for repeated words and that they may be a clue to the important details of a main idea. We also discussed how we may use pictures, captions, and other text features to help us with finding the main idea and supporting details.
     As the students said this afternoon, Wow! This week went by so fast!" Have a wonderful weekend!
*1/9  Purple folders are coming  home for parent review. Please sign and return.
*1/19  No school 

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