Friday, January 30, 2015

Happy Friday!
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Due to our Maine weather, it was a short week. I hope everyone enjoyed their two days off. Hopefully, you all got some much needed rest or you were outside enjoying the snow. 

Most of our work this week was on our Essay writing. We focused on an outline to help with organization. We also looked at the overuse of the word "because" in our writing and looked at other options to express our thinking and reasoning.

In our Reader's Notebooks we had an opportunity to write a letter to a character from our read-a-loud, The Watson's go to Burmingham-1963. In our letters, the students were questioning the motives and thinking of a character during a bullying incident in the story. By questioning a character through writing, students are able to put themselves in the story and think at a deeper level to understand a character. Many of the students even had advice for a few characters.

Next Monday, we will continue our work on our essays and begin a new unit on Exploration and Explorers. Students will be spending a little more time in the library learning how to take notes and research a famous explorer to then take their information and write a picture book about that Explorer. We will take a week to practice note taking and research and then the following week, students will be assigned their Explorer.

Have a wonderful snowy weekend!

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