Friday, October 24, 2014

Rainy day recess fun.
Happy Weekend!

     Most of our week was spent working in our Readers Notebooks. We continued to work on our inferencing skills to help us with studying characterization. Our focus began to shift to studying our characters in our Read-a-loud Animal House and Iz. Our class conversations are focused on reading books for deeper understanding. One way we practiced this was by looking closely at a character's personality traits. We
Enjoying indoor recess play.
discussed how characters grow and change through a story just like we grow and change. We talked about what makes a character change. The students were eager to share that events in a person's life can change people for the better and sometimes for the worse. Students used sticky notes and graphic organizers in their notebooks to jot notes about their main character's traits while independently reading. When students look at what drives their main characters to do what they do and say in the stories, deeper understanding of the stories begins to happen.

      Our writing work on proper paragraph structure continued this week with a focus on adding more details that support the topic sentence while including transition words for flow. Next week we will begin our rough drafts of our narratives. 

* Language Arts conferences begin next week.
* There will be no 5th Grade Homework Club next week due to
* Magazine/Cookie dough fundraiser packets and money are due.  

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