Friday, October 31, 2014

8th Grade Buddies and monster drawing
Happy Halloween! 
    We started our week focusing on our reading notebooks and documenting character traits with sticky notes and graphic organizers as students read independently. 
     In the spirit of October, Ms. Stuhr shared funny scary stories with us by candlelight in the library...we laughed at the stories and enjoyed the dark ambiance. 
We also prepared to see our 8th Grade Buddies on Friday. 
Monster Drawing & Writing
The students worked on a writing piece that went through planning, rough draft, revision, and editing stages. This writing was a "How To" paragraph piece. Students created a monster of choice in Math class while studying shapes and then in Language Arts, the students wrote out the steps to drawing that monster. These steps needed to be proceeded by a topic sentence and include very detailed writing sentences before a conclusion sentence was added. The students then got to see how well they explained their steps when their 8th grade buddies came for a visit. Their buddies prepared the same activity to swap with the 5th
Monster Mash dancing
graders. All buddies then read their written pieces and proceeded to draw the unknown monster according to the directions. This gave the 5th graders great knowledge and feedback on how well their directions where written and how important it is to be specific in their written work. Everyone laughed and enjoyed the Friday fun together. 

8th Grade Buddies
* LA Conferences continue next week.  


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