Friday, September 26, 2014


  We started our week with a lesson about Figurative Language, more specifically, Idioms. The students had fun laughing at all the different idioms that we read about. They also learned how authors use this language to be more descriptive in their writing. We also started our lessons on effective paragraph writing and what a well structured paragraph looks and sounds like. We will continue this work next week focusing on great topic sentences.
     Our reading lessons focused on work in our Reader's Notebooks. This weeks lessons were about learning the word "Stamina" and how that relates to our reading. The students wrote about their stamina as readers now and what kind of stamina they would like to work towards in 5th grade. We also focused on learning "Evidence Based Terms" to use when we write about our reading. We discussed how important it is to back up our thinking with evidence from our books and we had a chance to practice this in our first letter writing in our notebooks.
writing about our reading
      The classroom library is almost complete. The students have been learning about genre traits and are now reorganizing the library books into genres.
    The week ended on a high note with the students receiving their Wordly Wise quiz back. I was extremely proud of their studying and test results. As a whole, they showed me how serious their school work is to them...They all did Fantastic!
book sorting

* Next Thursday, Oct.2 Is the first SCIENCE CLUB meeting. Science Club meets on the first Thursday of every month. This is a fun club with a real scientist who has the students engaged in exciting experiments and hands-on fun. Students do need to sign-up in the office before the meeting and get a permission slip that tells how the students will be going home. Students do not have come to every meeting.

* Please sign your child's Wordly Wise quiz and return. 

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