Friday, September 12, 2014


HAPPY FRIDAY!                                     
I am so proud of your children. It is only the end of our second week and they are already adjusted to their new schedules and smiling from ear to ear as they manage the middle school halls.

This week we started work in our new reader notebooks as well as began our first read-a-loud. We are laughing and enjoying a silly book titled, How To Be A Perfect Person In Just Three Days. The students are intrigued as we go through the steps with our main character, "Milo." We will let you know if the plan works.

Students were introduced to "Quick-Writes" this week and they were eager to get started. They learned that just as they need to warm-up before playing a sport, writers need a lot of warm-up too.
Writers at work
Throughout the school year we will write for fun. This is a practice where the kids are given ten minutes to write on a topic using as many descriptive words as possible but do not need to worry about writing rules. It's a time to be creative without worry. I will tell you, this is where some pretty amazing writing comes out. The kids love to share and read their work out loud. During this time, They see that I write with them, I share my work, and it is not perfect. The creativity is amazing!

We continued our talk about what elements make up different book genres. The students will be reorganizing our class library by genres next week before setting a book reading goal for the year.

To end our week, we had computer roll-out day. Students spent time with Mr. Arsenault setting up separate folders on Google for all their classes. They designed their backgrounds and learned about all the wonderful gadgets they can use on their computers to produce their work this school year.
* MAP testing is Thursday, 9/18 and Friday, 9/19. 
5th grade will be testing from 7:50 to 9:15 both days. Please be sure your child gets a good night sleep and eats a hearty breakfast.

* Intramurals are on Wednesdays from 2:30-4:00. This is an after   school activity where students can go enjoy active play like basketball, dodgeball, steel the bacon, frisbee, etc. in the HMS gym and playground. If your child takes the bus home, there is a 4:00 bus that comes to HMS. 
More" broccoli heads"
Computer fun


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