Friday, September 5, 2014

Happy Weekend!

Our first week could not have gone any better. 
The new Fifth graders came so prepared and full of wonderful energy ready to learn and take on fifth grade responsibilities.

We spent most of our week getting to know each other, learning the new schedules, and creating and learning our classroom responsibilities. Students worked in teams to create the foundation building blocks of successful "Life Role Outcomes." Some of the  main ideas discussed were Responsible Community and Classroom member, Self Motivated Learner, and Collaborative Worker.

Fifth graders also got to meet their Eighth grade buddies this week. The students spent time getting to know each other while participating in a school wide scavenger hunt. We will have an opportunity to meet with our buddies each month to talk and have fun with activities together. Many great friendships have formed over the years through these buddies which can take them to high school where your fifth grader is a freshman and their buddy is then a senior. 
8th Grade Buddies

New Friends
In Language Arts we got to choose and start a good book as well as visit the library. The students also got to tell us about their favorite summer read.

Next Tuesday, September 9th at 5:30 is the Fifth grade Open House. This is for parents only. No students please. This is an evening to meet your child's UA teachers, learn about the parent portal for grades and receive information about how our class runs as well as units of study through the year.

See our 8th grade buddies below... 



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