Friday, September 26, 2014


  We started our week with a lesson about Figurative Language, more specifically, Idioms. The students had fun laughing at all the different idioms that we read about. They also learned how authors use this language to be more descriptive in their writing. We also started our lessons on effective paragraph writing and what a well structured paragraph looks and sounds like. We will continue this work next week focusing on great topic sentences.
     Our reading lessons focused on work in our Reader's Notebooks. This weeks lessons were about learning the word "Stamina" and how that relates to our reading. The students wrote about their stamina as readers now and what kind of stamina they would like to work towards in 5th grade. We also focused on learning "Evidence Based Terms" to use when we write about our reading. We discussed how important it is to back up our thinking with evidence from our books and we had a chance to practice this in our first letter writing in our notebooks.
writing about our reading
      The classroom library is almost complete. The students have been learning about genre traits and are now reorganizing the library books into genres.
    The week ended on a high note with the students receiving their Wordly Wise quiz back. I was extremely proud of their studying and test results. As a whole, they showed me how serious their school work is to them...They all did Fantastic!
book sorting

* Next Thursday, Oct.2 Is the first SCIENCE CLUB meeting. Science Club meets on the first Thursday of every month. This is a fun club with a real scientist who has the students engaged in exciting experiments and hands-on fun. Students do need to sign-up in the office before the meeting and get a permission slip that tells how the students will be going home. Students do not have come to every meeting.

* Please sign your child's Wordly Wise quiz and return. 

Friday, September 19, 2014

End of the day smiles
Happy Friday!                                                    

     This was a busy week. We started our Wordly Wise vocabulary program and the students are doing a great job of understanding and working independently in their books in class. We continued to creative write with our "Quick Writes" as we focused on the use of sensory imagery vocabulary, making the reader feel like they are in your thoughts. This week, each student chose to share their reading out loud. I was excited to see how comfortable the students are feeling in Language Arts and with each other to take such a risk. 
Enjoying a good book
     As many of you know, your children have been working on a "Reading Timeline" of their reading life. Thank you for your help at home creating a list of some of your child's favorites from their toddler years. It has been so much fun to watch them create these timelines. The chatter around the room about what books have been important to them or impacted them as readers while growing as been wonderful. They are giggling and laughing about books they recall reading with Mom or Dad and sharing these thoughts with each other.
     We finished our week with the MAP testing. I am extremely proud of how hard your children focused. This can be a long and tiring test. The students were focused and determined to give their best effort. "Great job everyone!"

* Intramurals for 5th grade is every Wednesday from 2:30-4:00.
* Homework club for 5th grade is each Tuesday and Thursday 
   from 2:30-3:00.


Friday, September 12, 2014


HAPPY FRIDAY!                                     
I am so proud of your children. It is only the end of our second week and they are already adjusted to their new schedules and smiling from ear to ear as they manage the middle school halls.

This week we started work in our new reader notebooks as well as began our first read-a-loud. We are laughing and enjoying a silly book titled, How To Be A Perfect Person In Just Three Days. The students are intrigued as we go through the steps with our main character, "Milo." We will let you know if the plan works.

Students were introduced to "Quick-Writes" this week and they were eager to get started. They learned that just as they need to warm-up before playing a sport, writers need a lot of warm-up too.
Writers at work
Throughout the school year we will write for fun. This is a practice where the kids are given ten minutes to write on a topic using as many descriptive words as possible but do not need to worry about writing rules. It's a time to be creative without worry. I will tell you, this is where some pretty amazing writing comes out. The kids love to share and read their work out loud. During this time, They see that I write with them, I share my work, and it is not perfect. The creativity is amazing!

We continued our talk about what elements make up different book genres. The students will be reorganizing our class library by genres next week before setting a book reading goal for the year.

To end our week, we had computer roll-out day. Students spent time with Mr. Arsenault setting up separate folders on Google for all their classes. They designed their backgrounds and learned about all the wonderful gadgets they can use on their computers to produce their work this school year.
* MAP testing is Thursday, 9/18 and Friday, 9/19. 
5th grade will be testing from 7:50 to 9:15 both days. Please be sure your child gets a good night sleep and eats a hearty breakfast.

* Intramurals are on Wednesdays from 2:30-4:00. This is an after   school activity where students can go enjoy active play like basketball, dodgeball, steel the bacon, frisbee, etc. in the HMS gym and playground. If your child takes the bus home, there is a 4:00 bus that comes to HMS. 
More" broccoli heads"
Computer fun


Friday, September 5, 2014

Happy Weekend!

Our first week could not have gone any better. 
The new Fifth graders came so prepared and full of wonderful energy ready to learn and take on fifth grade responsibilities.

We spent most of our week getting to know each other, learning the new schedules, and creating and learning our classroom responsibilities. Students worked in teams to create the foundation building blocks of successful "Life Role Outcomes." Some of the  main ideas discussed were Responsible Community and Classroom member, Self Motivated Learner, and Collaborative Worker.

Fifth graders also got to meet their Eighth grade buddies this week. The students spent time getting to know each other while participating in a school wide scavenger hunt. We will have an opportunity to meet with our buddies each month to talk and have fun with activities together. Many great friendships have formed over the years through these buddies which can take them to high school where your fifth grader is a freshman and their buddy is then a senior. 
8th Grade Buddies

New Friends
In Language Arts we got to choose and start a good book as well as visit the library. The students also got to tell us about their favorite summer read.

Next Tuesday, September 9th at 5:30 is the Fifth grade Open House. This is for parents only. No students please. This is an evening to meet your child's UA teachers, learn about the parent portal for grades and receive information about how our class runs as well as units of study through the year.

See our 8th grade buddies below... 



Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Dear Fifth Grade Parents,
Wow, what a day!  Time went so quickly.
I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed meeting your children. They all came with big smiles and lots of eagerness. Although most of our day was filled with procedures and schedule learning, I did hear a few students in the halls while packing to go home say, " I can tell this is going to be a great year!" 
Mr. Smith and I did get a quick moment to switch rooms today to welcome students in each of our rooms but most of the day, your children spent with their homeroom teacher.
Your child is coming home with a homework assignment tonight. This assignment is for them to choose three items to put in a paper bag. These items should teach us a few things about your child. What hobbies do they enjoy and things that are important to them. They have a yellow sheet that explains in more detail.

Also, if your child comes home worried or confused about their schedules, please calm them and let them know this is normal and we are here to help them. We will be walking to UA classes with them and helping read schedules all week. I guarantee they will have their schedules down by Friday. They are a little confusing on day one.
Thank you for sharing your wonderful children with me and sending them to school so prepared.

Mrs. Rollins