Friday, June 6, 2014

Bunker Hill
We have had the best week ever!
On Wednesday we went to Boston to 
trace the steps of the beginning of our 
country. Everyone in Mr. Smith's and Mrs. Rollins' class spent the day together. It was so 
awesome! We walked a lot, gave speeches to 

teach each other about monuments along the way, debated with each other as Loyalists and Patriots
in the Old State house, and ate the yummiest food ever in the market at Fanuiel Hall. Everyone of us said that we wanted to go back again with our families and eat the food that we did not get to taste and see the sights again. Mrs. Rollins and Mr. Smith laughed all day. It was the best day of Fifth grade!
     On Thursday, Mrs. Rollins spent all of Language Arts book talking and sharing different books with us that we could put on a "Books For Summer" list. Mrs. Stuhr continued this talk on Friday in the library. There are a lot of great books that we are excited to read. Next week we will book talk our own suggestions to each other.   Check out our Boston pics below...Happy Weekend! 

"Book Talking"

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