Monday, April 28, 2014

Welcome Back!
I hope your Spring Break was wonderful.
As mentioned in my email, here are a few sample project boards for the Great American Projects for your reference.


Friday, April 11, 2014

     This week flew by while we were busy with many activities. 
We went to the library and began another free choice book read. We also finished our constructed response writing on A Game of Catch.
Mr. Arsenault visits our class
     This week was also a Wordly Wise week. It turns out that non-fiction reading piece was about Harriet Tubman. This was a great lead into the topic of our Great American projects. Each of our classes was assigned a time period in history and we got to "speed read" many biography books. We spent time looking and deciding which Great American be our top 5 choices individually. Mrs. Rollins will assign our options after Spring Break. These projects are going to be so fun, but a lot of work. Mr. Arsenault came in to give us a lesson about Google researching. We learned a lot of good research tips while using our computers. We ended our week learning about a Great American who was child, Ruby Bridges. We read a book, discussed character traits of her greatness and watched a movie.
     We also focused on "Point of View" in our reading mini lessons. We started to work in groups to read many picture books and looked for clues to find out what point of view the author told the story from. We then took this information to our choice novels and discussed first, second, and third person perspectives and how it changes a storyline.
     Next week we will be having career day and more Great American research preparations. Stay tuned!
* Career Day is Tuesday, April 15th.
* Great American Project information will come home after
   Spring Break.
* Spring Break starts Friday, April 18th  

Friday, April 4, 2014

Post by Brooke and Charlotte

 On Monday we had our "Makerspace" demo. It was so cool! We get to build on Tuesday and Wednesday. Makerspace is a free creative building time with recyclable trash things. We also had a pre-test for spelling packets and worked on our explorer research before ending our day with DEAR. 
Tuesday came and we read The False Prince, our read-a-loud about a young orphan during the medieval time's getting real good. We had a mini lesson on "Mood" and "Tone" in a story. Mrs. Rollins read a picture book about Fredrick Douglas and we talked about the mood of the story presented by the author. We then read a short story from, "Junior Great Books."  We focused on new vocabulary in the story "The Great Catch." We each researched and made vocab study sheets. OH! and......we can't forget.... APRIL FOOLS DAY!
More Makerspace
     On Wednesday we had our real "Makerspace" build and put finishing touches on our vocab word sheets.We also put finishing touches on our explorer researches.
    As Thursday came, we focused most of our time on, "The Great Catch" story. We read the story again and took notes on our thoughts. We then began a rough draft of a constructed response writing about who caused Scho in the story to fall out of a tree? We needed to prove our theory in our written piece.
     YAAAA Friday and Sun! We turned in our explorer reports and got to listen to Mrs. Rollins read more of The False Prince. We took our spelling test and then got to buddy up with partners to argue our case about the accident in 'The Great Catch" story. On Monday, we will finish our writing about our theories. We ended our day with receiving letters from our Uganda friends.
See you next week! 
Creativity at work!